Development and Capital is a private family office and advisory firm focused real estate investment and development in the UK and selected Continental European markets. The partners each have 25 year careers as senior real estate professionals and industry experts.
Through our years of market experience and our extensive professional network we prepare special real estate situations for our partners and clients. Acting both in an advisory capacity and participating alongside our partners, as appropriate for each project.

DC Partners has two sub-divisions which operate below DC Partners:

The Emerald Visa Company sources investors for the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme; &

Crequant is a real estate investment and financial modelling consultancy.


  • Investment Management – Investment management services in real estate operate at the fund level and look at portfolio optimisation strategies. These could be strategic in nature. It includes financial structuring and fund raising. Our models cater for GP / LP structures promote / carry functionalities for joint ventures between developers and LP investors.
  • Asset Management – Trigger events in deals drive value. These could be leasing opportunities, change of use, increased bulk or numerous other events. Knowing how to capitalise on and value these drives out-performance – Crequant thrives on “special situations.”Research and Benchmarking – Detailed and bespoke research into micro-locations and ensuring that the functionality of the building is suitable for the market is key too underwriting transactions. Evidence from IPF and MSCI research shows that manager skill is a large factor in driving performance.
  • Research and benchmarking are key to minimising risk and increasing outperformance.
  • Underwriting – Using a combination of skill and experience Crequant can deliver or support the underwriting process from inception to close, incorporating screening, due diligence and closing.
  • Execution – Some of our clients require us to execute developments and transactions, This is done using our experience in working with a range of professional service providers to ensure delivery of the strategy.
  • Financial Modelling – Typically financial modeling is done on native excel or black-box systems. Crequant uses a combination of these two technologies to provide very complex and accurate excel models using cutting edge technology. This means that the errors associated with excel models can be eliminated while providing line-by-line auditing of financial models (not possible in out-of the box systems based on data-warehouses).

The Emerald Visa Company

  • Irish Immigrant Investor Programme
  • The Irish governments has established the Immigrant Investor Programme to fund the construction of Social Housing, Elderly Care Homes and Green Energy Projects.
  • DC Partners have entered the sector as part of our strategy to seek out real estate investment opportunities offering “Manage-to-Prime” or “Develop-to-Prime” scenarios for our partners and investors.
  • Ultimately delivering prime real estate with long term secure income streams. We consider this to be an optimal “defensive” investment play that provides attractive risk adjusted returns with short term exposure to refurbishment or development risk with zero or limited exposure to the occupational markets cycle.
  • The Emerald Visa Company (EVC) has been established by DC Partners to source and support Immigrant Investor, which felt like a natural extension of our investment philosophy.
  • Immigrant investors are ultimately attracted by the same underlying solid security provided by the Irish residential assets being developed for Social Housing and pre-let to the Irish state for a fixed lease term of 25 years.
  • In our experience, many of the advisors in the immigration sector are administrative in nature with no on the ground understanding of the investment they are promoting.
  • Often immigration investors are committing capital to real estate that is overvalued, complicated to manage and very illiquid, which means that the day to day management is time consuming and the investment exit difficult and potentially costly if not resulting in loss of capital invested.
  • With 10 year Irish Government Bonds currently trading at negative yields, long dated real estate income backed by the Irish state offers very attractive risk adjusted returns . For Private Equity investment in this sector contact DC Partners below or for Irish Immigrant Investment Visas contact EVC on the contact button on this page.
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